Maybe, THIS November?

November, 2016. Election. Change we CAN believe in…THIS TIME! Speaking of time, it is high time to rid “the government” of the blatant reign of corruption. Time to get rid of the sleazy, slimy lobbyists parading the halls of both Congressional houses with briefcases filled with plain, white envelopes STUFFED with $100.00 bills to hand out to the honest, dedicated, hard-working for THE PEOPLE politicians. Now, we KNOW the money is given without that old Bug-A-Boo, “Quid-Pro-Quo!” Certainly there are no strings attached to the thousands of dollars changing hands in dimly illuminated corners or behind closed doors. Well,…….maybe a few. And, those Hookers! WHY does DC have the HIGHEST Per-Capita population of high-priced “Call Girls” than ANY other USA city, including Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Reno, Nevada? And, we’re talking about Playmate of the month quality, $1000.00 and UP a trick girls! Huh. Must be SOME reason why these drop-dead, gorgeous girls like living in Washington, DC.

And, the band played on, as Titanic slipped slowly beneath the frigid waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. OUR “ship” is slowly sinking. (That’s a metaphor, for those who aren’t familiar with my writing)


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